I just placed an order; when will it ship?
MM HQ is a one-woman show, so all things happen in due time. Usually if an item is in stock and ready to ship, I'll have it out to you within 3 business days. The time it takes to arrive depends on USPS; I send out tracking codes for all orders shipped via Priority Mail but stamped postage cannot be tracked.
Preorder items will be shipped out ASAP after I receive them in-house. If you place an order that includes both ready-to-ship and preorder items, I will wait to ship everything together; please shoot me a note if you would like split shipping.
If you need expedited shipping reach out BEFORE submitting your order.

Is your packaging secure?
My method of packaging your order is dependent on the item(s) included, but rest assured I do my best to make sure everything will arrive safely. This includes sleeves and cardboard backing, as appropriate. 

There's a photo of you I'd love to have a print of but I don't see it here; is it possible to order one?
Probably! If it's a photo I took myself, we can make that happen. I offer custom prints in most any dimension, mounting (framed, unframed, etc.), and finish you can imagine. If the photograph in question is by another photographer, I will need to contact them regarding print and distribution rights to make sure they're okay with it first.

Are any of your photography prints limited edition?
To be honest I don't believe in limited edition prints when it comes to digital photography. If I was printing film by hand in a darkroom, offering a limited run of prints would make sense, as I would be able to ensure consistency across all prints produced in a single session. The majority of my photography is digital, so I'm more inclined to print random quantities or offer Print on Demand.

Do you sign your prints?
I offer the option to add signatures to one or all prints in your order, either just my signature or customized with a note to you specifically. Otherwise no, prints are shipped unsigned.

Is there any text or logos on your printed photographs?
Nope! I watermark the images in my webshop to minimize content piracy (and to offer a moderate amount of censorship for certain creative art photographs), but the final product will be text- and logo-free. Unless, of course, it's like, a sticker of my logo, you know? And then it's literally ALL logo, so.

Can I get a discount?
Well since you asked... no. 

Where do you get your stuff printed?
My photography prints are produced by Mpix.com; you can use my personal code to get $10 off your first order (and give me a bonus toward my next print order).
My stickers are printed in Portland, OR by the awesome folks at Sticker Ninja. Support them on Patreon for access to frequent discount codes.

The item I received is poor quality/not what I expected!
I review each print and product myself before shipping it out and do my best to assure its quality. Slight variations in colors or dimensions may occur due to discrepencies between your tech screen and printed pigments. If you are certain something is amiss, please reach out through the Contact Form here.